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Stay At Home Mama Stories , Motherhood & Beyond

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah Fadzil. I am from Malaysia and resides in Selangor. I am a mom of 2 girls named Sofia and Maya. Both were born with close gap on 2016 and 2017 respectively. I am married to a military pilot and my life has been mesmerisingly wonderful and full of surprises, I need to stay strong and be independent whenever my husband needs to be out of town with his job. He served the country and that is his no 1 Priority. I am a mom who commit to gentle and positive parenting, home learning together with my children and I am advocating gadget-less movement towards children below 6 years old. I am committed to create a great childhood journey for my children. I wanted to raise them to be a strong,kind,competent,loving,soft hearted, emphatic , confident and succesfull adult in the future. Follow me with my sahm stories, activities with my kids, worldschooling projects, parenting, earn income from home and live your passion and many more. How to read this blog is you may wanna check older posts by clicking on the hash tag just below each entry that you read. Happy reading! Sincerely, Sara

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Jan. 9, 2019

Aktiviti Homeschooling : Awal Sains, Meneroka Alam Sekitar Mengguna Deria

Mata / Melihat : tunjuk burung, rama rama, spider web, pokok hijau, dedaunan

Telinga/Pendengaran : dengar bunyi orang mesin rumput, naik trak, Lori askar, burung berkicau

Tangan/Sentuhan : Sentuh daun, pohon semalu dan Lihat ia menguncup, Sentuh sabut kelapa, Sofia kata macam buku cat la mama bulu, bulu, kutip daun yang hendak di lukis.

Hidung/Hidu : hirup udara segar pagi, matahari. Bau rumput.

Balik tu Sofia buat aktiviti mewarna copy daun. Merangsang pelbagai deria dan Seni, serta imaginasi kreatif. 

She even paint beautiful artwork inspired by her activity this morning.

Her artwork

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