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Stay At Home Mama Stories , Motherhood & Beyond

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah Fadzil. I am from Malaysia and resides in Selangor. I am a mom of 2 girls named Sofia and Maya. Both were born with close gap on 2016 and 2017 respectively. I am married to a military pilot and my life has been mesmerisingly wonderful and full of surprises, I need to stay strong and be independent whenever my husband needs to be out of town with his job. He served the country and that is his no 1 Priority. I am a mom who commit to gentle and positive parenting, home learning together with my children and I am advocating gadget-less movement towards children below 6 years old. I am committed to create a great childhood journey for my children. I wanted to raise them to be a strong,kind,competent,loving,soft hearted, emphatic , confident and succesfull adult in the future. Follow me with my sahm stories, activities with my kids, worldschooling projects, parenting, earn income from home and live your passion and many more. How to read this blog is you may wanna check older posts by clicking on the hash tag just below each entry that you read. Happy reading! Sincerely, Sara

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Jan. 7, 2019

Cosleeping & Breastfeeding, My Best Journey as a Mother

I still remember vividly how I asked my husband to go to our first breastfeeding class. At that time I was heavily pregnant to our first daughter Sofia, and as a first time mother, I believe I need formal lesson and I didn't know yet the real practice is so hard at the beginning.

This was taken on my Facebook on March 11,2016

"Sungguh walau sudah pergi ke kelas penyusuan , membaca buku breastfeeding, it wont be the same as real situation . Sungguh la apa yg dikata , penyusuan adalah satu jihad.dan sangat memerlukan sokongan sekeliling kita. Cepat cepat cari bantuan di 3 hari pertama jika punyai masalah.. InsyaAllah.. Menangis di hari pertama dn first few days trying to catch up the pace and technique. 8 days had passed, it was overwhelming to see Sofia gained some weight today to show that shes getting something from my effort. Week 2 menjelma, I need to learn more and more.... Pembelajaran tidak terhenti...kwn kwn pertama kali.. Cari ilmu.. Engorgement is no joke, sore nipple is no joke.."

After few weeks, breastfeeding has been so easy for me since I co sleep with my baby every night. I would always on lying down position let my baby latched. Sara akan mengiring dan biarkan anak menyusu sekerapnya setiap malam. Sehinggalah sara berpindah ke TUDM Subang and I got pregnant to her sister, Maya. She still wanted to latched every night and finally during my 8th month of pregnancy, she wean off for good as I have no milk at all due to pregnancy hormones. Sara continued breastfeeding her sister and this time around macam petik jari je boleh menyusu di atas pengalaman yang lalu.

Cuma the challenges at the beginning is my baby was admitted to NICU due to jaundice. So at first memang I curi curi latch dia on bed lama lama until shes asleep in my arms. Kesian sangat nak letak dia balik dalam phototherapy cot tu. But we have to. When we got back to our house, until now kami masih co sleeping. To avoid any risk of SIDS, I put her other sister to sleep in other bed. We have 2 queen beds that are attached together.

Until now, If my daughter nak menyusu, I will just selak baju and let her latch left and right! haha. So easy!. I don't even open my eyes. I could not believe that I will have a sensitive ear after being a mother. I can hear her cry just in instance and atas rutin psikomotor, bila dengar saja bunyi dia menangis, sara akan terus selak baju,kadang kadang I can't remember pun how many times did I get up at night to feed her.

I learnt a lot of techniques of breastfeeding position, and the one that suits to my liking is lying down position, and on lap when I am at sitting position. Better with pillow under my baby's head. Banyak sangat advantage co sleeping di antaranya, both parents will get a good sleep, bila anak belum fully awake dan mahu susu dan ibunya, ibu akan boleh cepat respon dan elak dari anak dari terjaga, menyusu di waktu malam sangat membantu ibu maintain milk supply, anak tak mengalami fasa separation anxiety yang teruk, and you know what's the best moment as a mom?

It's waking up beside your baby who have a good sleep last night and her wide smile, ahhh precious. So if you want sanity as a mom, if you are a stay at home mom, do consider co sleeping! You will have a very less cranky, calm and happy baby. You can separate your bed once you are ready, but right now we still enjoy both of our daughters company, and Maya just turn 1. We planned to do it when Maya weaned off, and mature enough to sleep on her own with her sister.

***Image inspired by The Happy Page

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