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Stay At Home Mama Stories , Motherhood & Beyond

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. My name is Sarah Fadzil. I am from Malaysia and resides in Selangor. I am a mom of 2 girls named Sofia and Maya. Both were born with close gap on 2016 and 2017 respectively. I am married to a military pilot and my life has been mesmerisingly wonderful and full of surprises, I need to stay strong and be independent whenever my husband needs to be out of town with his job. He served the country and that is his no 1 Priority. I am a mom who commit to gentle and positive parenting, home learning together with my children and I am advocating gadget-less movement towards children below 6 years old. I am committed to create a great childhood journey for my children. I wanted to raise them to be a strong,kind,competent,loving,soft hearted, emphatic , confident and succesfull adult in the future. Follow me with my sahm stories, activities with my kids, worldschooling projects, parenting, earn income from home and live your passion and many more. How to read this blog is you may wanna check older posts by clicking on the hash tag just below each entry that you read. Happy reading! Sincerely, Sara

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Aug. 9, 2019

I am Now A Social Media Influencer in making too!

Assalamualaikum! begitu lama sekali Sara tak menjenguk ke blog ni. Kali terakhir adalah beberapa bulan lepas, and harini sara nak bagitahu pada semua, that I had a really good time being a work at home mom since March 2019. so it has been almost 5 months now. Me and my kids catching up a lot, and Alhamdulillah we did improved financially very well.

Thank you Allah for this path. I still remembered during my first day of writing here, I asked Allah whether I can have more than RM 2000 a month. I didn't know how, but Allah granted my wish Allah hu Allah. Since I was missing for quite a while from this blog, I am now writing again. I already add values to my career as a social media influencer and I chose my club , Natural Advocates and Natural Bazaar to make this a reality.

Right now, Sara menggunakan 2 medium ini untuk menaikkan lagi rating sara as a influencer. No problem whenever and wherever you started. Walaupun tak banyak lagi yang views, at least sara dah bermula dan get paid on top of this job.

Natural Advocates was merely just an idea 2 years ago, but look at us now, Alhamdulillah. Sekarang ni Sara tengah kerja kuat untuk qualify kan diri sendiri beli kamera yang berkualiti as tools for me to upgrade myself as influencer, good leader in my organisation Natural Advocates and my full time work , Sushika. Banyak nya planning before we end our year tahun ni!

Tahun 2019 adalah tahun menyaksikan sara grow so much!

Checklist to cross :

  • Jayakan Natural Bazaar 2019 with more than 1000 visitors
  • Naikkan brand Natural Advocates and work with other natural brands to grow
  • Naikkan Sales/Rolls Sushika to solid 6 figures per month
  • Tingkatkan mutu dan kualiti kerja
  • Have my own live and review channel

Sambil menyelam biarlah belajar minum air. Sambil bekerja jangan lepaskan peluang untuk asah skills dan mutu kerja sendiri, supaya biar di mana kita tercampak, orang sentiasa nampak kita, dan mencari kita dan sentiasa nak bekerjasama dengan kita!Cuba belajar untuk menjadi yang lebih berkualiti dari pelbagai sudut. InsyaAllah. Bismillah.

How about you guys? are you guys catching up too? I will write a lil bit more later and everyday. And I will start with my everyday review of the things I love ya!

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